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Electronic component identification on the circuit board
  发布时间:2017-05-01   来源:Yueqing Shantuo Electrical Co., Ltd   

Electronic components have different package types, different kinds of element shape, but the internal structure and USES are different, such as TO220 packaging components may be transistors, SCR, field effect tube, or double diode. The to-3 package has a triode, integrated circuit, and so on. Diode also there are several kinds of packaging, packaging, glass packaging, plastic packaging and bolt diode varieties have a zener diode, rectifier diode, tunnel diodes, fast recovery diode, microwave diode, schottky diode, etc., these diodes are encapsulated with one or more of the following. Patch element due to the element of tiny some simply are not printed words most commonly used size has several, so there is no experience is difficult to distinguish, but the SMD diodes and polar SMD capacitors and other tiles are easy to distinguish, polar SMT components have a common characteristic, is a sign of polarity. For components can see lettering type to the difference, there is no device can also be analysis of the characters for element circuit principle or use the multimeter measuring element parameters to judge. It takes years of experience to recognize that component types are not learned in a single day.