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Choice of 10kv high voltage circuit breaker
  发布时间:2017-05-06   来源:Yueqing Shantuo Electrical Co., Ltd   

The rated current of the transformer is 115A, and the minimum rating of a typical vacuum breaker is 630A. Because of the vacuum circuit breaker in open circuit when the small current may be very quickly to cut off the small current overvoltage, so should as far as possible choose smaller rated current of the circuit breaker, if there are 200 a of the best.
The rated current of 1600KVA transformer is 92-153a, and current vacuum circuit breaker rating is above 400A, so choose a vacuum breaker of 400A.
As for vacuum switchgear open circuit current and dynamic thermal stability of current value, you don't provide the power supply side other parameters, if the factory power supply, generally choose the open circuit current of 25 ka, other parameters should be able to meet the requirements. If it is a power system, a power supply department, or a power plant, a vacuum breaker with an electric current is normally required at 31.5 to 40KA.
As to the outlet ark is to point to transformer low voltage side, general below 3KV not need vacuum breaker, cost is too high! If is 6 kv, rated current minimum is 400 a, the choice of the breaking current with the above, according to the impedance transformer short-circuit current calculation, choose according to the calculation results of the breaker.